About Impactivate

Individuals, families, and nonprofit groups involved in advocacy know that a better world can’t wait until tomorrow. Impactivate explores tactics, trends, ideas, and success stories about impact investing and other ways financial decisions can pave the way to a healthier and more just world. Impactivate seeks to inform and inspire investors as well as facilitate the expression of their values through their investments.

About Glenmede

Impactivate is sponsored by Glenmede, an investment and wealth management firm founded in 1956 to manage the charitable assets of the Pew family. Glenmede cares deeply about the world and the communities we serve and partners with organizations and families to help align their financial goals with their values. Glenmede saw a need for unbiased, independent, and innovative thinking in the impact investing space and hopes Impactivate will both inspire and illuminate.

Contact Us

For more information about Glenmede and impact investing, contact Casey Clark, Glenmede’s Director of Sustainable and Impact Investing, at casey.clark@glenmede.com or 215-419-6116.
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